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Active Supervision: Bringing practitioners to the next level. Presentation with Anny Bodenstein on the added value of integrating psychological flexibility processes into supervision.

ACBS World Conference, San Francisco

ACTive Supervision with the ACT matrix – Poster presentation with Sunni Lampasso and Laura Villa This project assumed that the ACT matrix that encompasses all ACT processes would provide useful support to the coach to increase their self-awareness, presence, and consciousness of action, thus creating the conditions for enhanced reflective practice. More globally, this project …

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ACBS – Coaching Special Interest Group

This session was facilitated with Benjamin Schoendorff (Contextual Psychology Institute, Montreal) for coaches who already practice ACT and are members of the Association for Contextual and Behavioral Science (ACBS) ACT matrix in coaching

EMCC Webinars

Enhance your coaching practice with Psychological Flexibility These webinars facilitated in English and in French with Benjamin Schoendorff (Contextual Psychology Institute, Montreal) introduced participants to the ACT Matrix, a simple yet powerful tool that not only brings to bear all ACT processes but also supports coachees in becoming better observers of themselves, hence increasing their …

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EMCC 25th International conference 2019 – Dublin

Enhancing your coaching practice with psychological flexibility In this workshop participants  experienced the power of the ACT matrix and discovered how it can enhance their coaching practice. EMCC conference – 2019 – annual – Nadine Hemmer

Colloque SQPTO-Quebec-Canada

Colloque de la Société québécoise de psychologie du travail et des organisations – Canada – Présentation avec Benjamin Schoendorff (Institut de Psychologie Contextuelle, Montreal) La santé de nos organisations: c’est notre affaire ! Mettre en action de manière optimale toutes ses compétences dans des entreprises qui doivent s’adapter à chaque jour, c’est possible grâce à …

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