• Supporting individuals & organizations

    in building healthy, cooperative and resilient workplaces

  • Training

    In a complex and interconnected world, you want to access accurate and relevant information to build on your resources to reinforce and develop new appropriate skills and capacities.

  • Executive Coaching

    As an executive or a leader you wish to combine performance and fulfillment. Coaching helps you to engage in a transformational process to make significant changes in your life. 

  • Supervision

    You work to support others and you want to develop as a practitioner. Supervision offers a moment to reflect and to challenge your practice in a supportive and safe space. 

  • I've been delivering training & coaching for over 25 years in multi-cultural organisations in both the public and private sector.  I use an evidence based approach combining various theoretically grounded methods and techniques to facilitate sustainable transformational changes. My background is in psychology and I'm an accredited coach at master practitioner level by European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

  • I see myself as a partner in your development journey. Our work together involves defining the changes you want, using your inner strengths and overcoming your obstacles to gain the confidence to act for what matters to you. Self-observation and engaging in actions are key processes. This is why I will provide you with tools and methods to help you develop your self-awareness and take relevant decisions.

    I work in both English and French and this is why some parts of this site will be in one or the other.