Psychological agility

Psychological agility (a.k.a. psychological flexibility/emotional agility) makes it easier to move toward one’s personal and professional goals and values and overcome unhelpful thinking patterns, difficult emotions or anything that gets in the way. Psychological flexibility is at the core of Acceptance & Commitment Training (pronounced ACT), an evidence-based intervention developed in the 90’s by Steven Hayes, Kirk Strosahl and Kelly Wilson. Research shows that applied to work settings ACT interventions are effective in various areas such as learning, innovation, resilience & performance.

The added value of ACT

  • ACT focuses the coaching work on what matters most: values, not problems. The aim of the coaching journey is thus based on strong purpose and helps to move away from compliance issues that may arise in the context of executive coaching. It also kindles the energy to move from intention to action.
  • Whilst several coaching methods aim at changing limiting thoughts, ACT invites clients to detach from them instead of disputing them and provides effective methods to escape cognitive entanglement.
  • The ACT matrix (K. Polk provides coachees with a visual tool that increases their capacity for self-observation. Observing through the ACT matrix point of view supports awareness of both behavioural patterns and inner resources. By adopting this observer perspective and becoming more mindful, coachees increase their ability to make effective choices and take better decisions. As they become able to see successes and setbacks in context and without unhelpful judgement on themselves, they foster a more compassionate stance towards themselves and others.

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