My services

Executive coaching

Coaching is not about removing obstacles, but finding the energy and freedom to act for what matters.

Coaching is an engaging process where you venture out of your comfort zone. We can only work efficiently if you feel challenged, secure and supported – all at the same time. According to your needs, I offer:

  • 1-1 coaching – 1,5 hour sessions once a month, in-person or remote
  • Peer group coaching – 2 hour session in a small group
  • Team coaching – a process to leverage the team’s resources and achieve effective results together
  • Sounding Board – a thought partner to get perspective, deepen your thoughts, and reflect on your impact as a CEO or board member


Learning creates the opportunity to embrace new perspectives, so we can act with increased competence and confidence

All my facilitation programmes are tailor made. They integrate:

  • Up-to-date approaches that offer common ground for reflection
  • Practices to support awareness processes and actions
  • Material to sustain further ongoing reflective learning 

The learning space is both challenging and compassionate, and aims to explore topics in depth while valuing differences and co-creation


Supervision provides a place to reflect and challenge your practice to take care of yourself and your clients 

My intention as a supervisor is to be a learning partner, working from a place of curiosity, intuition and inclusion. I want to hold our space as a safe container, creating awareness and supporting reflective practice with lightness, kindness and compassion. This creates a seed-bed for you, your clients, and the larger systems in which we all work, where everything can grow and flourish.

What is the most rewarding aspect of what I do? It is when a client tells me that our work together has enabled them take a decisive step forward into something new, or opened up the way they think and act in ways they could not have imagined before.