• Training

  • Developing knowledge & skills to build individual & collective performance
  • All programmes are tailor made. They are designed according to the culture and the needs of the organisation and the participants to enhance  both self-development & collective intelligence.

    Each workshop integrates:

    • Up-to-date proven approaches to offer a common ground for quality reflection and discussion
    • Exercises to practice methods and to support awareness processes
    • Material to sustain further on-going reflective learning and practice.

    Sharing ideas and experiences within the group is an essential part of the learning process. Thus, an appropriate learning environment focuses on exploring topics with a challenging open approach, is respectful of confidentiality issues,  and establishes a kindness atmosphere for self and others.

  • The aim is to offer new insights in knowledge and methods to empower participants in engaging in new sustainable actions and changes of behaviours to realise the changes they want.

  • Authentic Leadership

    Emotional Intelligence

    Interpersonal Intelligence

    Well Being at Work

    Preventing social risks (stress, violence, mobbing)

    Inclusiveness & Cooperation

    Manager as Coach

  • The aim is to strengthen the team and to increase its performance by helping the team and each participant to identify and use the personal and collective resources of the group.