• Executive Coaching

  • Leveraging potential to lead others and the organisation with purpose.
  • Coaching works with talented individuals to increase self-awareness, reflect differently and engage in relevant actions to make meaningful changes.

    Through coaching, you:

    • Identify and learn how to use your personal resources and those of your environment.
    • Engage in committed actions while dealing with your personal obstacles (thoughts, feelings, habits of behaviours...).
    • Increase your self-confidence to achieve the results you want. 

    It is an engaging process where you venture out of your comfort zone and you can only work efficiently if you feel at the same time challenged, secure and supported.

  • 5 to 10 in-person or telephone sessions of 1.5 hour once a month to explore and act to get the sustainable results you want to achieve. 

    A sounding board to challenge your reflections in a confidential setting.

  • A 2 hour coaching session in group of 2-4. Participants develop their manager-coach skills. This process promotes collective learning and a cooperative and trustful culture within the organisation.

  • Similar in process to individual coaching, team coaching brings together members of the same team who want to leverage the team's resources to achieve more effective results together.