• Case studies and testimonials

  • Most of my clients are executives who want to create sustainable changes in their leadership, in the way they manage relationships or take care of themselves.

    Their expectations are to practice authentic leadership, to better transition from expert to manager, to reflect on career/business options, to find purpose in professional commitments, to increase self confidence in their role, to achieve a better balance between private and professional life, to increase well-being at work and regulate stress etc…Or just to benefit from a sounding board to challenge the quality of their reflection.

  • Training

  • Nous collaborons avec Nadine depuis de nombreuses années, partenariat basé sur la confiance.
    Nous avons construit de nombreux parcours sur-mesures, alignés à l’évolution de notre environnement et aux besoins en développement de nos collaborateurs.
    Nadine nous apporte des solutions adaptées à nos défis internes, notamment dans un contexte de transformation constante.
    J’apprécie particulièrement son professionnalisme, sa grande qualité d’écoute ainsi que sa bienveillance.

    Cyrille Thouvenot, Head of People Development, BIL

  • Be@Work: increasing well-being at work

    Be (@Work) is the contraction of the French "Bien-Etre"  and is also an invitation to be fully present in everything we do at work.  This programme has been developed and is co-facilitated with Carole Gelain for a client who believes that well-being at work is a shared responsibility among all within the organisation and that it can all start with small single steps. It is the core element of a more global project offering various workshops (i.e nutrition, postural recommendations, coaching, NLP, sophrology etc..), which are facilitated by internal employees who also have specific expertise in the field. Our 2.5 day workshop combines elements of positive psychology, mindfulness, ACT and cognitive & behavioral approaches. Through several modules: dealing with stress,  disconnecting our automatic pilot mode, dealing with constraints, relaxing, getting perspective, developing interpersonal intelligence, participants are guided through both traditional & reflective learning to create their own strategy for well-being. The programme started three years ago and to date more than 200 staff members have participated in our workshops. Choosing to implement this programme over a period of several years rather than one enhances the desired systemic effect of having all involved, as participants continue to share what they have learned and encourage others to get involved in the process. Here are some of their comments:

    "Cette formation m'a permis de prendre conscience de ce qui est vraiment important et de comment aborder les situations difficiles avec intelligence et recul nécessaire. le "débriefing" des 2 jours de formation un mois plus tard permet d'échanger sur les différentes actions entreprises afin d'être mieux au travail et dans sa vie en général"."Je suis très satisfaite de la formation, l'application pratique de certains conseils est tout à fait possible et faisable; également plusieurs approches abordées en fonction des situations individuelles des participants. Réelle valeur ajoutée par cette formation".

    "Certainement l'une des meilleures formations suivies jusqu'à présent".

    "Formation intéressante et utile pour le travail et la vie privée dans le cadre d'un monde qui change".

    "Excellente formation utile sur le plan professionnel mais également sur un plan privé. Grande qualité d'animation."
  • Over the years working at KNEIP, I had a great honor of receiving several training and coaching session from Nadine. I will not pinpoint any specific session that I had with her as each and every one of them were of an outstanding quality in terms of delivery, in terms of material, in terms of knowledge, in terms of her way of challenging us to find our own ways. She has always acted both as a coach and as a mentor taking the time to listen and providing unbiased point of view which not only helped me professionally but also personally. I can say that Nadine is a very dynamic person with a unique insight and tremendous ability to connect with people where they really are at, inspiring and nurturing so that we move in a positive direction. I am grateful to have met someone like Nadine during the course of my career and believe me I still apply professionally and personally many things that I have learnt during those training and coaching sessions. I would like to truly thank her and can only wish more success in whatever she undertakes.

    Vicky Prayagsing, Former Head of Client Services, KNEIP

  • Peer Group Coaching offers the advantages of traditional coaching while providing additional learning opportunities for managers.

    • Developing manager as coach skills. In all coaching sessions in small groups,  participants take alternately the role of coach and coachee. While the external coach serves as a role model and ensures that the process is run according to best practices, participants apply several coaching skills: active listening, rephrasing, encouraging, avoiding judgment.
    • Developing problem-solving skills.  Participants share similar issues but because they are not directly involved in the situation being explored,  they can have more perspective. Adopting a coaching stance, they avoid providing immediate solutions but rather  focus on examining the issue from various angles. 
    • Developing motivational and change management related skills. As they belong to the same working environment, participants are able to effectively challenge their colleagues in their resistance to experimenting new approaches.
    • Developing mentoring skills. Coaching and mentoring are different but complementary processes. In coaching in small groups, participants share their own past experiences and offer advice but only when they feel it might be relevant for their fellow coachees.

    Peer Group Coaching encourages a culture based on cooperation and trust. Managers involved in the process develop a more open & compassionate style of communication as they share their own limitations. They feel supported by their colleagues in exploring and choosing to take action. Managers share their visions of management and leadership and are able define together best practices for their organization.

    More information in The International Journal of Mentoring & Coaching.

  • Team Building

  • I would like to thank you on my behalf and that of the whole team for an excellent team building experience. I have received great feedback from the team with all agreeing the offsite provided them with new skills, a rediscovered bond and a greater appreciation for each other.
    The venue was perfect, the events well organised, the program challenging. I can definitely confirm 6 months later that the new motivation and stronger team work this stimulated is experienced each and every day.

    Stephen Cotter,Head of Operations, Swiss Life Global Solutions

  • Some clients I have been privileged to work with:

    Arendt & Medernach - BGL BNP Paribas - BIL Banque Internationale à Luxembourg -  EIB European Investment Bank -  Fund Channel S.A. -  Kneip - KBL European Private Bankers - Swiss Life - University of Luxembourg...